Kara-Matt: Repower After Big Hours

After 60,000 hours of service, crab fisherman Robert Ross decided that his 19-liter Cummins 1150M had earned a rest. The 500 HP engine had been a perfect match for his 72 by 26-foot aluminum boat so he ordered up a new Cummins KTA19-M3 at 500 HP, continuous duty, from his local supplier Cummins Sales and Service in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in eastern Canada.

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James Dewing started building boats in Australia and he has since built in China before settling in Thailand. As for other expats he finds the country to be the countries relaxed life style and excellent food a perfect fit for him. And, like Toyota, Nikon and other high tech industries he has found an educated and skilled workforce.
The export of refined iron ore from Australia to China has led to the development of gigantic infrastructure especially for the loading process from shore to ship. The company web page describes this process as follows: “The magnetite concentrate is exported to China from a purpose-built port at Cape Preston. From the stockyard, the product is transported to the barge loading berth at the breakwater through the 4.4km conveyor belt.
To be an accomplished diving master in Thailand with access to both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand would be about as good as it gets. But it is one huge step up the joy register to own your own diving support vessel. This is especially true if you can also accommodate 30 fellow divers and a supportive crew of eight to cater to the divers’ needs and navigate the vessel.
Cummins provides more than just engines to serve its fleet of engines at the Julong Mine. The most valuable mineral resources are usually excavated in hard-to-reach locations around the world. This causes difficulty not only for the miners, but also for the heavy machinery used at mine sites. Some of these mines operate at high altitude, where the air quality and severe weather conditions can compromise engine power and fuel efficiency. Cummins engines take on this challenge in a variety of applications at the Julong Copper Mine site.
Seacrest’s Managing Director Tavipol Hemangkorn receives guest in a board room decorated with models of large crew boats, ASD tugs and a range of other vessels that his firm has built. Located just outside the mouth of the Chaophraya River at Samutprakarn, Thailand the yard’s three marine ways can launch vessels directly into the deeper waters of the Gulf of Thailand. They can accommodate vessels up to a 22-meter beam and up to 2500 metric tons.
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