Community Impact

Partners and Projects

Cummins’ Corporate Responsibility strategies and plans come into being through partners and projects. Whether nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, local governments, schools or businesses, broad-based coalitions increase employees’ reach in communities and help enable sizable, sustainable impact.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic initiatives are designed by Cummins’ Corporate Responsibility team to help sites around the world expedite impactful projects. Cummins’ current strategic initiatives are:

TEC: Technical Education for Communities: helping students around the world secure good jobs through school-based, industry-supported vocational skills training.

The Environmental Challenge: reducing waste, protecting water resources and increasing air quality through employee ingenuity and innovative projects.

Community Development Grants

Community Development Grants (CDGs) from the Cummins Foundation build on employees’ engagement and help amplify the impact their work has on communities. Requests for CDGs are made by Cummins employees in coordination with their local partners. The Cummins Foundation will consider only organizations that are non-discriminatory in their policies and practices with regard to physical or mental abilities, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin and/or creed.

Community Impact Six Sigma

Community Impact Six Sigma (CISS) projects address external and internal Corporate Responsibility needs using Cummins employees’ business skills and training. CISS projects focus on either improving an identified need for a community partner, solving a community problem in conjunction with a local partner or improving an internal Cummins process that provides an indirect benefit to the community.

Shown in the photo at the top of the page, Karen Cecil (left), Cummins’ Director of Global Environmental Sustainability, led a Community Impact Six Sigma project with Darcey Palmer-Shultz (right) and her team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana to improve the organization’s retention rate between “Bigs” and “Littles.” 

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