Community Impact: The Environmental Challenge

The Environmental Challenge honors Cummins’ pledge that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier, safer environment.

In 2015, 21,600 employees from 30 countries devoted 72,600 hours to 88 projects and reduced the equivalent of 36,810 metric tons of greenhouse gas. The following winners excelled in how they solved problems, collaborated with community partners, created long-term benefits, engaged volunteers, used employee skills and, in turn, impacted the environment.

Drop by Drop

As featured in the image at the top of the page, multiple business unit teams from Cummins Brazil Limited conserved 26,380 gallons of water by designing rainwater harvesting cisterns. This helped address both the region’s water scarcity and spread of dengue-fever mosquitos. 

Eco-Creek for Green Taihu

Components employees in Wuxi, China, conserved 8,400 kiloliters of water by cleaning the country’s second-largest lake. 

Green Han River

Employees from China’s Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company reduced 38,000 tons of sewage from pig farms by expanding biogas stations. 

Organic Garden Environmental Education

Distribution employees in China expanded gardens to 12 schools from the previous two, educating 7,000 more students. 

Zero Garbage and Beyond

In Pune, India, Engine Business employees reduced the local community’s carbon footprint by 7,575 metric tons of CO2 and educated 15,000 students. 

Empowering Safe and Healthy Lives

Phaltan, India, employees from the Engine Business saved 40 metric tons of CO2 by training NGOs on energy efficiency tools. 

Sustaining Water Neutrality

Employees across multiple business units helped four villages near Phaltan, India, harvest 19.8 million gallons of water. 

Model Village

Cummins India teams from several business units and sites saved 15.81 million gallons of water and planted 1,600 trees. 

Golden Straw

China employees from multiple business units prevented 28,000 tons of straw from being burned by local farmers. 

Water Neutrality

In Pune, India, Engine Business employees generated or saved 6,459 million gallons of water and planted 5,000 trees. 

Green Bank

Components employees from Cummins Fuel Systems-Wuhan taught 5,000 university students good home environmental habits and helped plant 678 plants around their schools in China. 

River Ecosystem Recovery

Engine Business employees from the China Parts Distribution Center enabled 87,600 tons of water to be cleaned per year by using a 3D printer to create floating plant beds and removing invasive species.

Alternative Energy

In Harrowdene, South Africa, a Power Systems team cut food waste by 8.79 metric tons and saved 9.91 metric tons of energy at a local school. 

Urban Forest

Components employees from San Luis Potosí, Mexico, planted 810 trees and helped pass a law promoting urban tree planting and protection. 

River Tees Rediscovered

Near Cummins’ Darlington/Stockton site in the United Kingdom, employees from multiple business units protected species of birds, butterflies and insects. 

Microgrid Clean Energy

In Ely, Minnesota (USA), Power Systems employees cut fuel use at an area nature preserve by 50 percent, saving 14.3 tons of CO2. 

Reducing Emissions

Components employees from multiple sites in India retrofitted 160 KVA generators used by community partners, reducing the particulate matter they release by 85 percent. 

Tetra Pak Recycle

Distribution employees from Guangzhou, China, recycled 15,000 tons of Tetra Paks packaging by expanding to 14 more schools.

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