Community Involvement

Community Needs Assessments

To better understand the critical issues facing Cummins’ regions and localities, employees use the company’s Community Needs Assessment (CNA) tool. CNAs follow a five-step process for gathering data and opinions and can be customized based on a site’s local needs, geographic location and culture.

Shown in the photo at the top of the page, Ary J. Loredo, an Accounts Payable Analyst for Cummins Business Services Mexico, taught Paloma Lopez about the environment while cultivating her school’s garden in the La Pila neighborhood of San Luis Potosí. 

ABO and Regional Strategies

Long-term strategies were created by Cummins leaders from each Area Business Organization (ABO) and the company’s headquarters community in Southern Indiana to focus employees’ work in Corporate Responsibility. Strategies are based on outcomes from community needs assessments, input from partners and the strengths of Cummins’ business units, functions and employees.

Site Plans

Cummins leaders develop local site plans to ensure employees’ Corporate Responsibility work is aligned with the company’s regional strategies. Integral to those plans is the identification of desired “Y” outputs – just like in the company’s Six Sigma data-based approach to solving manufacturing defects – which enable employees to measure the impact of their work.

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