Employee Engagement in Corporate Responsibility

Every Employee Every Community

Cummins employees participate in Corporate Responsibility through the company’s Every Employee Every Community (EEEC) program. EEEC enables each employee to use at least four work hours to contribute to local projects and partners by leveraging and unleashing their unique skillsets.

As shown in the photo at the top of the page, in India, Cummins employees are working with nearby villages and the local government to increase the availability of clean water, school curriculum and good hygiene.

Community Involvement Teams

From the shop floor to the corporate office, Community Involvement Teams (CITs) coordinate Cummins employees’ participation in Corporate Responsibility. CITs work with Cummins leaders, employees and community partners – nonprofits, governmental bodies, schools and businesses – to assess the pressing issues facing their communities. Cummins currently has more than 200 CITs around the world.

Leadership Engagement

Cummins leaders increase teams’ abilities to create impactful change in their communities. “Leaders,” CEO Tom Linebarger said, “do not delegate Corporate Responsibility.” By taking an active role in empowering their teams, identifying partners and establishing goals, Cummins leaders increase the impact company employees have on their communities.

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