Diversity in Action

More than 100 local diversity councils and affinity groups help create the right environment for success at Cummins by promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion.

The groups raise awareness and educate Cummins employees on the importance of diversity, advise senior leaders on diversity-related initiatives and, in some cases, initiate research projects with a diversity component.

Affinity groups are typically organized around a specific demographic. The Cummins Chinese Affinity Group has sponsored lessons in Chinese language and culture. The Women's Affinity Group of Southern Indiana has sponsored mentoring circles matching female employees with less than two years of experience with women leaders to discuss career development.

The women's group in Darlington, United Kingdom, has researched alternative hours and helped with recruiting initiatives. The South East Asia (SEA) Affinity Group has sponsored presentations by senior leaders on emerging markets in Asia.

Diversity councils are typically plant or building-based. One council in Columbus, Ind. sponsors a Diversity Olympiad where employees spend an afternoon at a city park playing games designed to increase their awareness of a particular culture or ethnicity. A council in Fridley, Minn. established a prayer room where employees of all faiths can get some privacy off the plant floor. The council in Darlington pushed for better locker facilities to accommodate the growing number of women at the plant.

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