Distributed Generation / Peaking Power

Cummins provides distributed generation systems that help utilities defer expensive transmission upgrades and save larger customers money by reducing their peak-time power costs.

Bring the Power to You

Based on the strategy of locating decentralized power plants in close proximity to power users, distributed generation systems are becoming an increasingly popular power option. Whether supplying peaking power to a single large customer or adding power to a regional transmission system to shore up local power delivery weaknesses, Cummins has your solution.

Maximum Power System Reliability

Unlike other power system providers, Cummins manufactures and assembles all of the key components of its power systems, offering the highest degree of design and performance control in the industry. For distributed generation applications, this level of assurance translates to a measure of reliability and fail-safe performance that is unparalleled. This also means that specifiers and owners have only one point of contact for their entire power system, saving time and simplifying integration and support.

Here is how specifiers of distributed generation systems can benefit from the ease of doing business with Cummins:

  • 24/7 service from factory-trained technicians
  • Prompt availability of parts
  • Expert help with system design, application engineering, installation and commissioning
  • One company to call for all your service and support needs


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